Preparation for Commercial Painting

We use Benjamin Moore Paints, Vista Paints, Dunn Edwards Paints, and ICI Paints.


Our painting process includes (as required):

*Detailed door hanger or equal that provides notification to residents/tenants of start times and procedures.
*Bleaching and Hydro washing of surfaces to be painted.
*Trenching dirt areas below existing grade.
*Stucco patching to match existing texture as close as possible
*Sanding and priming of all bare and exposed wood.
*Caulking of exposed stucco to wood joints and vertical fascia joints.
*Preparation and priming of any rusty areas on ferrous metal.
*Application of all materials by trained and experienced professionals.
*Daily/weekly progress walks to ensure quality and consistency.
*All materials and equipment stored on site in a portable storage bin.

Upon completion:

Each resident recieves a notice/survey which states that the work has been completed on their home and which allows them to provide importaint feedback to us. This notice is then given to the job foreman for followup and completion.
A final job walk/inspection with the H.O.A. member(s) and management professional after all areas have been completed.

Professional painters need to have keen knowledge of the tools including sanders, scrapers, sprayers, brushes, and rollers. They must also be trained in the safe use of ladders, scaffolding, and boom lifts in order to correctly complete their work. Much preparation needs to be considered before simply applying paint. For instance caulking exposed vertical surfaces, stucco patching appropreite to the surrounding surfaces, spot priming, sanding, scaping and cleaning. The sizes of brushes, rollers, roller textures and spray tip sizes must all be taken into consideration before starting a project. The type of primer alone will vary by project location, items being primed and top coats to be used. Every year we conduct or send our employees to training classes to keep them up to date on the latest materials availalbe and types of applications. Lately, the composition of the materials we use are constanly changing to maintain compliance with the E.P.A.

Preferred Commercial Painting has a strict policy that we do not add water or thin any products that we apply. Even though the manufactures allow for adding water to some of thier products. Appling products at full strength helps to minimize color fluctuations and allows for closer touch up colors in the future. In very few instances we are forced to thin products like appling thick alkyde paints on a very hot day.